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EMO-FARM Sp. z o.o.
ul. Łódzka 52
95-054 Ksawerów
phone: +48 42 212 80 85; fax: +48 42 212 80 83    e-mail:
Tax Identification Number: PL 7311855351
National Official Business Register Number:
Share capital of
3 306 000 PLN

A company with its registered office in Ksawerów, address: Łódzka 52,
95-054 Ksawerów/Poland, entered in the register of businesses conducted by the District Court in Łódź, XX Division of the National Court Register, as KRS number 0000147075.


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Abous us

The “EMO” Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Plant” founded in 1983 was a precursor of the EMO-FARM Ltd…

Manufacturing capabilities


We have production lines for manufacturing of the following forms:

- gels

- ointments

- creams.


We are equipped with machinery enabling manufacture of „in bulk” product in batches ranging from 100kg to 1500kg depending on the form of product.


Our wide range of confection capabilities include:

- packaging of  "in bulk" product in aluminum or polyethylene tubes  from  5g to 200g

- packaging of  "in bulk" product in sachets - 35x75mm and  60x80mm

- packaging of product in individual cardboard boxes along with a leaflet

- packaging of product in collective cardboard boxes.


Our modern machinery park and up-to-date technological solutions enable manufacturing of products with antibiotics and steroids and thanks to designated EX zone - products with increased quantity of Ethanol.


In case of services that go beyond technological potential of our Company, we declare possibility  of supplementing our production lines with necessary equipment.