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EMO-FARM Sp. z o.o.
ul. Łódzka 52
95-054 Ksawerów
phone: +48 42 212 80 85; fax: +48 42 212 80 83    e-mail:
Tax Identification Number: PL 7311855351
National Official Business Register Number:
Share capital of
3 306 000 PLN

A company with its registered office in Ksawerów, address: Łódzka 52,
95-054 Ksawerów/Poland, entered in the register of businesses conducted by the District Court in Łódź, XX Division of the National Court Register, as KRS number 0000147075.


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Abous us

The “EMO” Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Plant” founded in 1983 was a precursor of the EMO-FARM Ltd…

EMO-FARM Sp. z o.o. owns numerous prestigious awards being a confirmation of high quality and effectiveness of manufactured products.

The “Golden Otis” prize of the customers' confidence in products: Rivel (2003), Venożel (2004), Intimel (2005), Naproxen Emo (2006), Lioven (2007).
The “Golden Consumer Laurel” for the medicinal product Naproxen EMO 10%.
The “Economic First Prize of the Governor of Łódź 2007”
The “Business Gazelle Ranking 2007”

The "Product of the Year 2010" prize for medicinal product Venożel awarded by "Apteka" Publishing-house

"The Best Product of the Year 2011" prize for series of cosmetics Sudopanten Bobas awarded by by a monthly “The Child” and the Mother’s and Child’s Institute

The “Golden Otis” prize of the customers' confidence is granted as an initiative of the „Na Zdrowie. Dostępne bez recepty” magazine. On the basis of the opinion of clients of pharmacies, products that fulfill the expectations of clients and their confidence, Rivel (2003), Venożel (2004), Intimel (2005), Naproxen Emo (2006), Lioven (2007), are the winners of the competition.

The “Golden Consumer Laurel” is a prize of consumer contest organized by the “Economic Review”. The all-Polish survey revealed products that are the most popular among Polish society. The “Golden Consumer Laurel” confirmed that Naproxen Emo is a recognizable and well perceived brand.

The “Economic First Prize of the Governor of Łódź” in “Medium Polish Company” category, is the only regional prize of national importance and has a honorary character. The jury in the comprises the representatives from the fields of economy and business, science, culture and media, selected the best companies. The “Economic First Prize of the Governor of Łódź” is a confirmation that a company develops dynamically, diversifies its product offer, introduces innovative solutions that allow to generate greater profits and strengthen the position of the company on the market.

The “Business Gazelle Ranking” is presented by the prestigious magazine “Forbes”. The EMO-FARM Sp. z o.o. achieved very good financial results and was included to the group of the most dynamically developing companies in Poland.